Theta State is a float center located at 851 Indian Boundary Road, Suite O, in Chesterton, Indiana. We currently use a float cabin, as opposed to a pod, provided by Superior Float Tanks. The cabin is 7'8" in length, 4'3" wide, and 7'3" tall allowing total peace of mind for anyone concerned about small spaces. We stress our offering of the most personal float experience by having a one-on-one informational session with each client prior to their float.



Dan Dickey, the owner of Theta State, is a full time Porter Police Officer. In 2018, he took his passion for helping others to a new level and created Theta State. He looks forward to sharing the many benefits that floating has to offer. Read more about Dan and how float therapy helped and inspired him to create Theta State in the section below. 




We are delighted to share the story of Theta State and look forward to building interest in our Chesterton location through education and outreach. Theta State started with the human mind and our founder, Dan Dickey’s fascination with the inner connectedness of how the mind, body and consciousness all work together.


During our extensive research we learned more about sensory deprivation and the profound experience of relaxation and healing that exists in the realm. Our first encounter was at a float center in Grand Rapids, Michigan where we learned quickly to set aside our pre-conceived notions of sensory deprivation and the benefits.  

In Dan’s own words: “While I was excited about the experience because of my interest in the human mind, I was mainly looking forward to the benefit of improved sleep that floating provides. I arrived at the Grand Rapids location and proceeded to tell the owner all that I knew about floating. I was full of pride for the knowledge I had gained from the books I had read, and on-line videos I had watched. He was not impressed and abruptly told me to forget everything I had learned. He knew there was no substitute for the experience I was about to have. After I entered the tank, I was overcome by the feeling of an environment unlike anything I had ever experienced. It was warm, relaxing and quite honestly, it was the most inviting and peaceful event of my life. Once I returned home, I slept for nearly 12 hours without any sleep medication. But aside from the immediate benefit of sound and restful sleep, I’ll intentionally withhold some detail on the additional and exceptional advantages I gained from my first float. Just as I was told then, I am telling you now to forget preconceived notions and trust in the experience. It will speak for itself.​”

We want to let our clients know that each person’s experience can be markedly different. And we don’t want to limit the possibilities by telling our clients about our experience which might create expectations of those same effects. Float therapy is a time to completely clear your mind, to stop overthinking, let go, and just... be. Each one is different.

Dan adds: “I will say this, when you get in the tank, your mind and body will know what to do. Now that you've removed all the overbearing sounds and sights in this sensory overridden society, your mind and body can relax, begin to heal, and process information.”​

We are a two cabin (tank) facility, and want to genuinely share our knowledge by allowing personal time for each of our clients to become comfortable, ask questions and share with us their curiosity and reasons for seeking the benefits of floatation.  When we allow generous one on one time to talk to our clients about floatation, we are better equipped to personally tailor each experience for the best outcome.

With 24 hour scheduling as part of our service, we aim to work with our client’s varying schedules. While this feature will not appear directly on the scheduling app, we can accommodate your hours and arrange directly by phone. Our expanded service hours are perfect for those unable to schedule a float session during our normal day-time schedule. It's also great for those wanting to start the day early by feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and energized. 

Dan Dickey’s personal statement:​

In my professional life, I am a full-time police officer. Being a cop was a dream of mine since I was a kid. I've loved, and still love every single day I work. My public service history is varied, starting my career as a volunteer firefighter, then a sheriff's deputy working in the county jail, a police dispatcher, and finally earning a badge as a police officer. Taking care and helping other people is deep within me and something that I truly enjoy. We're all in this crazy world together and we have to help one another. The fact that I can do that every day isn't something I even consider a job. It's a privilege. I've had a lot of fun in this career, and look forward to another 20 years.

I do get a bit of a rush from chasing the "bad guys" but I am most gratified by the opportunities I have been given to help law breakers gain back control of their lives. I've dealt with people who’ve made some of the worst life choices they could make. I often think about why they make those choices. And after years of observation, I have seen patterns. There are very few "bad people" in this world. A majority of the people I arrest or deal with are not bad. They're just lost, hurt, or simply have never been given direction in their life. ​

I deal with people every day who are suffering from depression, PTSD, chronic stress disorder, and anxiety. I’m convinced that throwing more prescription medications at people isn't helping. It's hurting, and bad. Nearly every addict I’ve spoken with points to having started with prescription pain pills. I think to myself, "if only I could get this person floating!" Float therapy is not just another trending fad. It's not just another fitness pyramid scheme. It's real, tangible, effective, and backed by some of the best neuro-scientists, micro-biologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and health professionals in the world. It is simple and a very organic way of healing the body and mind, but that does not mean that it doesn't work. An internet search on the benefits of float therapy points to its use to treat nearly everyone for a multitude of symptoms. The reason you might not have heard of it is likely that it doesn't generate billions of dollars in revenue for a pharmaceutical company. But that's a discussion for another day. ​

Quite simply, I know from experience that we cannot arrest, or prescribe away bad or negative behavior. We need to start at the source of the problem... the human mind.

It is up to each of us to help one another, lift each other up. I’m starting with me and perhaps we can all float higher, together!​

-Dan Dickey (Owner)