Theta State is here for the Duneland community guiding us into a realm of healing therapy for mind, body and soul. We offer the restorative benefits of sensory deprivation float tanks in a state of the art facility close to home. Float therapy is scientifically proven for all ages and interest to be therapeutic for meditation, relaxation, addiction recovery, joint or muscle pain, workout recuperation, migraines and improved cognitive function. Nearly anything controlled physiologically or psychologically by mind and body can be supported by float therapy. Theta State is special; to learn what sets us apart from other float centers, click here.

Suite 2 float cabin door.

Suite 1 float cabin

ranquil tea provided by Pukka and Yogi. Raw and unfiltered honey by Nature Nates adds the perfect amount of natural sweetener.

Suite 2 float cabin door.




Float therapy is not new, having been explored since the 1950's. Float pods or rooms are special sensory spaces filled with approximately 10" of an Epsom salt water solution which is heated to the temperature of our skin at 93.5 degrees. The ideal environment is sightless and soundless although our tanks do have an optional feature for gentle music and low LED light. The salt solution of 800-1100 lbs of dissolved Epsom salt creates salt water’s known capacity to challenge gravity and resist pressure on any part of our body. With no sight, no sound, no feeling of gravity, no pressure on any part of your body, mind relaxation and detachment can be achieved in a state of complete freedom from the constant processing of information. Even when sleeping our brains constantly compute information in the atmosphere: ambient light, sound, and subtle discomforts of room temperature and mattress surface. Float therapy removes the barriers.



The benefits to floating are unique to each individual and can help with everything from chronic pain, stress, depression, workout recovery, muscle fatigue, PTSD, anxiety, and yes, even claustrophobia, just to name a few. Float therapy has been employed by UFC fighters, the U.S. military, bodybuilders, professional athletes, Olympians, marathon runners, chronic pain sufferers, and anyone seeking the ULTIMATE meditation or relaxation experience. While we know that it may be a little hard to believe that any therapy treatment could have so many benefits, but to understand the underlying sources of both physical and mental pain as the mind, then it is easy to know that float therapy helps heal at the source: the mind. Stress causes an automatic response in the form of "inflammation" which is the link to most human diseases and illnesses. A chain reaction of positive effects begins with mind control to reduce stress, which in turn reduces inflammation. Get the picture?



Neurons in the Brain communicate with each other via electrical pulses. These pulses can be recorded with an instrument known as an Electroencephalogram (EEG). The different frequencies that neurons maybe generating are associated with a specific "state" or brain wave. There are five separate brain waves classified by their frequency. The five categories of waves are: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma.    

Each set of brain waves has a distinct and important purpose. For example, Beta waves are most dominant during periods of critical thinking and alertness while Theta waves are associated with intuition, meditation and memory. The Theta waves lead to an extremely relaxed and in the space between sleep and wake. They are produced between periods of deep meditation, rest and sleep.




Theta brain waves are associated with creativity, meditation, mindfulness, dreaming, and REM sleep. While each particular brain wave category has unique benefits, Theta waves are one of the most thought provoking. With creativity and dreams come solutions, ideas, and different perspectives. Float therapy and dreams are connected and can be the impetus to solve real life problems. Dreams have inspired and are credited with a great many life and world altering changes and like Einstein's theory of relativity, the Periodic Table, Google, the structure of the atom, the double-helix of DNA and the creativity of Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein; all the products of a dream. 



Interested? Still not convinced? Unsure if floating is right for you? We welcome calls and questions, and are pleased to provide a tour of our facility. We know that floating can be the most superior form of relaxation; much more than your average day at the spa. The positive effects of a single float can be sustained for days and include: decreased stress and anxiety, heightened mental alertness, improved cognitive function, calmness and even euphoria.



At Theta State Floatation, we offer two float rooms sourced from the expert builder, Superior Float Tanks. While we welcome our clients to arrange visits with a friend or loved one, with each of you experiencing the floatation benefits privately, we do intentionally stagger our schedule so each client can have personal time with a staff member. This time is set outside of the actual float and allows for us to address questions, concerns, reasons for seeking float therapy or to just talk a bit. We are always accessible to provide tips and techniques to make the float experience most beneficial. And after each session, our clients are invited to relax, reflect, and refresh in our lounge.